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Have a craving for true NYC delicatessen favorites with a little Southern charm and flavor? Milford’s on Third has emerged on the scene as one of the best delis in downtown Baton Rouge.

We’re on the ground floor of the Watermark hotel, and we’re open for breakfast, lunch and after-work pick-ups. What will you find on our menu? Only the best deli offerings you can imagine. Deli sandwiches are piled high with tempting fresh-cut meats and dressed for success with mouthwatering toppings. Bagels are spread generously with a variety of schmears, and the flaky salmon salad is so fresh you’d swear we had a mountain stream running through our kitchen.

Our goal is to be the best deli in Baton Rouge, LA. Stop by Milford’s on Third on your way to or from the office, or bring your biggest client to the best deli restaurant downtown. Call ahead and pick up something special for tonight. We’re like a NYC delicatessen — overflowing with down-home Southern style and hospitality.

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Homemade Smoked
Meats and Breads

What’s on our menu? Only the freshest, most tempting choices you can imagine!

Our sandwich menu includes only the highest-quality deli meats and cheeses, not to mention true delicatessen breads like rye and pumpernickel varieties. You’ll swear you stepped into a traditional NYC deli when you make Milford’s on Third your choice for the best sandwiches in town.

Cold? Handheld? Hot? Whatever you fancy, you’ll find it at Milford’s on Third when you stop in for lunch. We pile meats and other toppings as high as possible between slices of your favorite type of bread. Might we suggest a truly NYC-deli-inspired pastrami or corned beef sandwich? Or are you looking for a little Baton Rouge taste? Our melt-in-your-mouth pulled BBQ chicken is sure to impress.

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Why are delicatessens such beacons for food lovers of all ages? It’s probably their atmosphere and tempting menu items, including mile-high sandwiches that explode with incredible flavors and toppings.

When you’re craving something substantial, filling and flavorful for lunch, it’s time to head to Milford’s on Third.

As one of the best sandwich restaurants in downtown Baton Rouge, Milford’s on Third is conveniently located on the ground level of the Watermark hotel. There’s plenty of room to sit down and relax in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere — but you can also grab your hearty sandwich to go if you’re tight on time.

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