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Visit a Local Coffee Shop in Downtown Baton Rouge

Coffee. It’s the first drink many people enjoy in the morning. It can be soothing, refreshing and always energizing. If you want to perk up with a truly exceptional cup of java, stop by Milford’s on Third.

Our downtown community coffee shop is the ideal place for you to grab coffee in the morning or during that afternoon slump. We’re here to serve you with the finest coffee flavors from around the world. Consider visiting our downtown café when you need a place for a quick coffee meeting with clients or colleagues, or just a chat with friends.

Have a little work to do? Bring your laptop and enjoy our welcoming, comfortable deli atmosphere as you sip your coffee. We’re here to make your day with the best coffee in the downtown Baton Rouge area!

Get Beer and Wine to Go From Our Baton Rouge Location

Why drive out of your way to get the beer and wine you want? If you live or work in the downtown Baton Rouge area, simply stop by Milford’s on Third for a complete selection of beer and wine. We have plenty of varieties to choose from, giving you the opportunity to take home your favorites.

Many wine and beer distributors sell only a few lines of alcoholic beverages. Not our grab-and-go store! Our goal is to give you options — and perhaps introduce you to some new tastes. From local brews to international beers and wine, you can count on Milford’s on Third.

Mmmm… Fresh Baked Goods From Milford’s on Third!

Baked goods like scones, cakes, cookies and muffins are everyday options at our downtown bakery in Baton Rouge. When you want to indulge, we’ve got your sweet tooth covered!

On a daily basis, we create some of the most memorable, unbelievably delectable baked goods you’ll find. This means you can stop by every day of the week to try something new.

Our baked goods are perfect for all occasions, including morning office meetings, workplace parties, birthday gifts, dessert trays and “just because” presents. Everyone loves a bakery treat!

From breakfast to lunch, we serve up baked goods with Southern charm and serious style. Choose Milford’s on Third for the bakery products you — and your colleagues, friends and family — crave.

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