Our History

Our Take on the Delicatessen Tradition

When you think of the classic delicatessen, you probably imagine a bustling counter in New York City.

But what if you could get the same authentic deli experience with a dash of serious Southern charm in downtown Baton Rouge?

That was our inspiration when we opened Milford’s on Third, located in the Watermark hotel.

Delicatessen Deliciousness in a Southern Environment

We considered all the wonderful aspects of NYC-style delis, focusing intently on the most important element: the fare! Everyone loves a true delicatessen bagel, a piled-high deli sandwich or a cup of homemade matzo ball soup.

At our delicatessen, you’ll find all the deli food you love in a relaxing atmosphere. We don’t want you to feel hurried and rushed. That’s why we’ve set up the environment to be a little more laid back than most New York delicatessens. Our deli is a place for you to unwind and enjoy your meal, not to quickly eat and go.

Visit our delicatessen in downtown Baton Rouge today, and discover the authentic flavors yourself!

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