Milford’s on Third: A Traditional Delicatessen in Downtown Baton Rouge

We’ve encapsulated the very best of the NYC-style deli — deliciousness and fun. Our Louisiana-based delicatessen offers the same great flavors you’d find at any traditional deli, but with a Southern charm and ambiance that reminds you of home.

Local Ingredients, Outstanding Offerings, Fresh Flavors

Freshness is the name of the game at Milford’s on Third, and you’ll find fresh tastes across our breakfast and lunch menus. Whenever possible, we opt for all homemade ingredients, and we source locally. You can even find some regional products sold in our traditional deli located on the ground floor of the Watermark hotel.

We believe that only quality items can produce the best meals and meal selections. That’s the reason we never scrimp on anything, from our meats and cheeses, to the types of greens you’ll find in our gourmet salads. We know you deserve the best from our Baton Rouge traditional delicatessen.

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